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FP of Brignoli srl's machinery

FP Brignoli srl is a company specialised in the field of hot metal diecasting.

The diecast products are made from ISO 9002 certified steels that are subjected to dimensional and a magnetic particle inspection in order to ensure their complete integrity.

steel casting

About us

FP of Brignoli srl

Since 1972, FP Brignoli srl has been producing hot forged mechanical components in ISO 9002 certified steel derived from recycling and cementation. Our professionalism and commitment are fully focused on solving all customer issues, guaranteeing punctuality and a high quality of service.







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Our products

We produce hot forged mechanical parts made to the customer's specification.

The dies are designed on CAD-CAM platforms and subsequently constructed by employing machining workstations, CNC lathes and EDM equipment.


You can find us in Pontoglio (BS)

v. Chiari, 14

Tel. 030 737058 - Fax 030 7471707

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